3 Custom Home Theater Upgrades To Enrich Your Entertainment

Turn Your Home Into Your Personal High-Performance Cinema

3 Custom Home Theater Upgrades To Enrich Your Entertainment

If you love movies, you’ve probably considered a custom home theater for your Metroplex property – whether in the University Park area or elsewhere. It is the ultimate luxury for home entertainment, creating a cinema experience without the expensive tickets and concessions, sticky floors, and rude audience members checking their cell phones in the middle of the movie. You can actually make the performance of your home theater even better than your local multiplex with the right A/V technology, and in this blog, we look at three upgrades that guarantee you get the most out of your media. Keep reading to learn how these custom home theater upgrades will change how you engage with old favorites and new discoveries.


Dolby Atmos Audio

Sound is essential to giving you an immersive viewing experience. Video exists on a flat plane that comes at you from one direction, but audio can surround your body by filling the entire space of your theater. Surround sound has been around for decades, but Dolby Atmos is the evolution of this technology, taking advantage of the three-dimensional space around the viewer to make sounds appear out of thin air. With a Dolby Atmos-enabled A/V receiver and the proper speaker configuration (which adds at least two overhead speakers to the surround sound setup), sounds emerge with remarkable precision. If a helicopter is exploding above the characters in a movie, you’ll hear it above you. If a character hears the floor creak behind them in a horror movie, you’ll hear it coming from the same direction. This is because the Atmos audio format is object-based, allowing you to enjoy your favorite films like never before. To make the most out of the Atmos viewing experience, though, make sure that the films you watch are produced with Atmos audio. You can find an updated list of Atmos movies here.

4K Ultra HD Projection

For a custom home theater, most people opt for a projector that will give them the large-scale spectacle they would see on a big screen at the cinema. 4K Ultra HD projectors deliver that image to your expansive screen of choice and provide incredible sharpness, adding richness and dimension to the visuals with bright whites, deep blacks, and a full spectrum of color. The ideal home theater projector brightness is between 1,500 and 3,000 lumens, but the exact number you need will depend on the darkness of your space. Your picture quality improves with a higher contrast ratio, and 4K projection allows you to see the finest details on screen.

Kaleidescape Media Server

There are a lot of streaming services available giving you access to different libraries of media, but if you’re a movie enthusiast, you probably have a large collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays that you want to be able to access at any time. Netflix, Hulu, and other film streaming services have underwhelming collections of classic films, and with the ending of Filmstruck earlier this year, streaming options for hardcore film buffs are increasingly slim. Kaleidescape is your light in the darkness, a digital media server that gives you the convenience of those streaming services by allowing you to import your DVDs and Blu-Ray discs so that you can watch them whenever you want without looking for the physical discs. There’s also an expansive digital store, so you can buy and download new releases without having to worry about disc storage. Check out this blog to learn more about the different features of Kaleidescape.


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Alexa Free for a Week – Level Up Your Home

I have an embarrassing confession to make about being a parent. My Digital Assistant currently holds more authority with my kids than I do. 

Yes, it’s true. Please withhold your judgement. Alexa took a 1 week vacation here is what happened…

Recently, we had a taping for a local TV program and I took the office Amazon Echo out for our demonstration on the set. The unit I have in our house was gone for a week.  I thought…will I miss it? Is this Personal Assistant technology just kind of nice to have or does it offer a real world convenience that once we get used to we don’t want to live without?

Verdict: …a definite “real world” convenience…for me. You may be different.

Why? Like many of my counterparts with children under the age of 20, I’m in a stage of life where TIME is the most precious commodity. There’s NEVER enough of it. Have a free 15 minutes? You bet I’ve got a list of 26 things to do and several unread emails to read…never mind texts, Facebook messages and Snapchats from my 9 year old daughter.

We are a busy society! Probably too busy, maybe obsessed with being busy some would say. 

So a “personal assistant” seems like a great idea. What is the top convenience I missed most? 

By FAR my favorite – when I tell my kids we HAVE to leave right this minute or we are going to be late…I get no movement, maybe if I’m LUCKY a little twitch of an eye that indicates they in fact have not lost their hearing. Fifth time and a raised voice, I get their attention….and…I’m told I don’t need to “yell”,.. insert eye roll here.

One day, I set the timer on our Amazon Echo to go off at 8:45am.  I let the kids know that the chime signals it is time to leave or we will be LATE for school. While they do not like to listen to mom, they HATE to be late. Apparently, “fashionably late” is not a cool thing anymore, who knew?

First time – chime goes off at 8:45am …kids line up like soldiers, ready to go, not a word from me. I kid you not. It’s measureable, seven tardys in the fall and one in the Spring – BOOM. First time, every time, without fail.


So…yes, they listen to a digital assistant more than me!   Now you know this sad fact. I am working on building my own authority with them but that is another blog all together.

In the comments I’d be interested to hear what you would miss the most if your Digital Assistant took a vacation.

Stay Smart! 

Jen Mallett


Level Up Your Home – The Smart Home Professionals



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Here’s What You Can Expect From Hi-Fi Sales

From Our Home Automation Installations to Our High-End Audio Products and More

Here’s What You Can Expect From Hi-Fi Sales

Smart homes are no longer an idea or a concept from the future. Integrated houses have become more and more popular in recent years – and for good reason.

If you’re looking to bring a home automation installation to your property in the Gladwyne, Pennsylvania area, then you’re set to enjoy the conveniences, luxuries, and safety that a home technology integration will provide to your daily life.

And working with a trusted smart home company like Hi-Fi Sales can ensure you get the best service possible and have a system up and running quickly and efficiently.

Keep reading below to find out what distinguishes Hi-Fi Sales as the area’s leading home automation installer.


A Trusted CE Pro 100 Dealer

Here at Hi-Fi Sales, we pride ourselves in bridging the gap between innovative, high-performance technologies and homeowners who are looking to make their everyday lives easier and more comfortable.

As members of the CE Pro 100, we are top leaders in the home automation industry and are a trusted company to work with on any and all technology projects you are interested in bringing to your property.

With our experience and reliable expertise in the business, we will deliver you the smart home of your dreams – and will form a lifetime commitment that ensures you’re taken care of down the road.

Whether you have a new home construction underway or are just wanting to upgrade your existing space, we can make the installation process stress-free and with zero hassles.

We offer any solution or service you might be looking for. Read on below to see what types of technologies you can find with us.

A Variety of Smart Solutions

From dedicated home theaters and high-performance speaker systems to home lighting control and motorized shades, we’ve got you covered. No matter the type of technology you want to install in your home, we are the experts to call.

We only offer the best home technology brands to guarantee you will enjoy a best-in-class installation and equipment that you can count on for years to come.

The best part about our systems is that they are all scalable and customizable. For our home automation installations, you can start in one room (such as a media room or home theater) and add on later or include your entire property from the get-go. If you want to add onto your system at a later date, our team of smart home experts can always update your setup without any issues.


Ready to learn more about how easy any home automation installation for your property can be with the help of Hi-Fi Sales?

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Boost Your Business Security System with Access Control

Protect Your Dallas Office from Unauthorized Activity

Boost Your Business Security System with Access Control

The easiest way to keep your office safe is by putting security measures in place that keep out unauthorized individuals, which is why access control is such an essential part of business security systems.

There are a variety of different access control solutions available right now, from traditional card readers and keypads to fingerprint scanners and face recognition cameras. Access control is changing as technology evolves, and your Dallas-area company can reap the benefits of these advancements to create a more secure environment.




Restrict Access to Spaces and Technology

Different tiers of employees have different levels of access, and a business security system makes it simple to set those permissions and adjust them in the future. A new employee might only have access to a few rooms at the start of their time with the company, but the longer they stay, the more areas open up to them.

Your access control system provides a report of who entered which spaces at what time, and it can be connected to your security cameras to record anytime someone enters a room. This is very handy for investigation purposes and also gives you a way to immediately view suspicious activity as it’s happening.

You don’t necessarily want everyone in your office to be able to access the building’s audio-video system, for example, and your business security technology can generate a random key allowing people to gain one-time access for a limited period. 




Enact Emergency Protocols

In an emergency, having a smart business security system helps all of your employees make their way to safety. If there’s a fire, air quality sensors can automatically unlock the doors people will need to get out quickly, and the HVAC system can change the direction of the airflow to clear out smoke in the most affected areas.

If a potential intruder tries to tamper with a keypad or card reader, you’ll receive an automatic alert telling you someone is trying to break in. The office will go into lockdown, and you can use your office’s intercom system to remotely issue a verbal warning that the intruder has been detected and authorities have been notified.

Our team at Smart Systems can help by providing you with the ideal access control and audio-video solutions and ongoing support for your workplace in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


Want to learn more about how you can upgrade the business security system of your Dallas office? Reach out to the experts at Smart Systems by calling (972) 488-5100 or filling out our online form.


Learn How to Strengthen Your Smart Home Security System

We Break Down Why Back-Ups Are So Important

Learn How to Strengthen Your Smart Home Security System

Security is a top priority for smart home owners, and 90 percent of Smart Systems’ clients include security features in their integrated technology systems. People want to know that their families are protected, and smart technology allows you to create a comprehensive security system that is customized for your property.

Backup equipment is essential to a successful smart home security system, keeping your home on alert if the electricity or the Internet goes out. Keep reading to learn how these support systems strengthen your security technology and safeguard your home in the Southlake area.


Back-Up Batteries

Say you’re away on vacation and a tornado touches down in Southlake. Sure, it’s a worst-case scenario, but it’s not entirely out of the question. You want to check that your home is safe, and normally you’d be able to pull up your security app and gain immediate access to your surveillance cameras. Except the electrical grid has been knocked out and your cameras don’t have a backup battery. You’re in the dark. Do you ask your neighbor if they’ll go over and check in the middle of a tornado threat? Do you anxiously wait it out until the power is back?

You don’t want to be in this situation, which is why every security system we install comes with a backup battery that keeps it running if your power goes out. This ensures that you are able to access your system while you’re away, but it also means our 24/7 monitoring service isn’t interrupted. You can rest easy knowing that in case of an emergency you’ll receive an alert, so you don’t have to take time out of your vacation to check your surveillance cameras.

In the event of a burglary, whether you’re home or away, Smart Systems will take action to protect your family and belongings. You’ll get an instant alert if a trespasser is detected on your property, and if you’re unavailable, we’ll contact the authorities and activate security measures designed to keep criminals away: Lock all entrances, turn on smart lighting both outside and inside the house, and issue an audio warning telling them that the police are on their way.

Cellular Alarms

A lot of DIY smart security options depend on Cloud-based connectivity via your Wi-Fi, but that creates new security concerns, puts more data on your already jam-packed network and wipes out your service if power and Internet are gone. This is why we install Telguard cellular alarms, which use a nationwide LTE cellular network to transmit important security data.

Telguard’s HomeControl Flex gives homeowners the ability to arm and disarm their security system from anywhere using a free mobile app, and these communicators are designed for seamless integration with your existing smart home automation system.

Want to learn more about adding a smart home security system to your Southlake home and our local home security monitoring plans?

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